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This app and service sets the standard for the future of mobile medicine.  Created by physical therapists, the app is an extension of the CARE subscription service available to surgeons which provides a personalized website and personalized physical therapy/rehabilitation protocols for patients.   The app is incredibly comprehensive by providing information to patients about their surgery, their surgeon, and lists the exercises they should be performing week-by-week after surgery with complete video demonstrations.

The power of this application, however, is a surgeon’s ability to create a fully customizable practice website and personalized app.  Thus, when a patient is enrolled he/she will only see information and post-operative protocols that have been specifically selected by their surgeon.  In essence, the app allows any orthopaedic surgeons to have their own personal app for patients.

The app itself consists of the sections described above.  Pre- and post-operative information is available to patients, and the post-operative physical therapy protocol is clearly organized for patients to reference either at home or at the gym.  Overall, the application has been well implemented and the service is currently being used by various academic and private practices nationwide.

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