Zimmer 411

Overall: 5+
Functionality: 5

Coolness: 5+

Zimmer’s product application has beautifully integrated both patient and surgeon information is a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing design that has quickly become one of the lead orthopaedic apps on the market.  Clearly designed to promote information about Zimmer products, the app focuses on Patient Stories, Causes of Pain, Treatment Options, Know When You’re Ready, and Joint Replacement.  The integration of videos, teaching diagrams and illustrations, interactive animations, and peri-operative guidance is unmatched by other orthopaedic implant companies.  One of the strongest features of the app is the combination of patient information as well as “surgeon tools.”  By selecting the surgeon tools drop-down tab, a entirely new library of information becomes available including 3D animations, diagrams, procedure videos, product listings, and x-rays.  Overall, this app is a powerful supplement to any physician performing hip and knee arthroplasty, and especially to those who utilize or want to learn more about Zimmer products.

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Zimmer 411 Zimmer 411 Zimmer 411 Zimmer 411 Zimmer 411 Zimmer 411 Zimmer 411 Zimmer 411

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