I.T.S. InfoPoint

Overall: 3+
Functionality: 4
Coolness: 3

This app demonstrates the products made by I.T.S., a medical device company in Austria that develops titanium implants. The app includes many of the features expected from a device company app, including general information, a catalog and description of implants, sub-sections for upper and lower extremities, and a product overview video.  In addition, there is a “fracture classifications” section that assists a surgeon by allowing the user to select a body part from a diagram, then select the fracture pattern – and the app will list the relevant implants.  Selecting on an implant includes typical information such as features, xrays, indications, and a surgical technique PDF.  Overall, many of the features are “empty” and do not include information, and thus the app currently lacks completeness.  Overall, however, this is a great app for surgeons using these devices.

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