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TOPIC: Best way to use First Aid for step 1 and BSS?

Thanks for all the advice. 13 years 1 month ago #10921

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Thanks for all the advice. I've been annotating FA quite a bit with notes from class, and I've almost completely moved to using BRS with heavy notetaking for my coursework. Just a question - what's a reasonable amount of time to set aside for Qbank? My plan is to finish up the board simulator question (which might take awhile) and then going at Qbank, hopefully there's enough time for this.
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I used FA, and entered 13 years 4 weeks ago #11029

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I used FA, and entered many notes from other sources. One was class/lecture, then I used the physiology, pathology, gross anatomy, and biochem brs's. Also used the Micro made Ridiculously Simple book (which is awesome). My FA doubled in size. Then, I just reviewed my compilation a couple times and finished Qbank (also entered notes from here).

I got 242. Most of my friends did the same thing and scored similarly or better.

The big missing factor in FA is the college level biochemistry (esp lab-type info) that was on the step one. But, I just said, F it.

While I'm repeating many ideas already stated, hope it helps.
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Re: Best way to use First Aid for step 1 and BSS? 5 years 7 months ago #21448

Very much agree with DrHibbert.

I had a very similar plan of attack for step 1 and had a great result. I also read though Step-up, which I thought was useful because it had some different information.

Good luck on the exam. Take it seriously to avoid worrying about it during the application season, but realize that if you don't get the score you want that you can still find other ways to get in the game.

Very well said indeed. Your talent can never be judged by scores of a certain exam. Still this is the way of judgment.
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review 2 months 4 weeks ago #38247

If you can review while still learning the material, then go ahead. But by no means review at the expense of not learning the current material really well.

Just to echo the above statements, do questions, questions, and then more questions. I think that's the key. And when you review questions, don't simply focus on the correct answer, but read through the entire explanation to understand what would've made the wrong answers correct. That's the only way that resources like Kaplan Q-bank are able to cover most of the important material, but too many people just read over the right answer and move on. Also, closer to test-taking time, do blocks of 50 and treat it like the real test. In the end, a big part of taking this test is developing a test taking strategy with the limited time you are given to answer questions. Learning that will help you with Step 2 as well.
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