Failed Shelf - Should I continue to pursue Ortho?

1 year 4 months ago #39532 by Sasha24
Hello - I recently found out that I failed my OBGYN shelf. 

I have been passing my other shelves (barely) although my site evaluations have been very high. 

Pediatrics - Pass
Obgyn - Conditional Pass
Neuro - High Pass
Psych - Pass
Internal - Not yet taken 
Surgery - Not yet taken 

STEP1: P/F - Pass 

Pre-clinicals: Pass (no academic set backs)

1. Accepted to Two Summer Ortho Programs at NYU and Maimonides between 1st and 2nd year. 
2. Podium Presention at AAOS 2022
3. Accepted as a Nth Dimensions scholar for AAOS 2023 
4. Poster presentations at AAOS, AOA, MSOS. 
5. First authorship article published to Knee and JAAOS
6. Pending - First authorship to Spine and Journal of Neurosurgery 

I am more than willing to take a research year of it would boost my application. Also - just to throw it in there I am a woman and a minority. Also I've been involved in Ortho research since undergrad (although it didn't yield anything substantial).

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