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TOPIC: Call schedules?

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(5/1/00 8:21:04 pm)
Humane schedules

Are there certain programs that have reasonably humane call schedules and hours/week? Is the data provided
by Freida accurate for these areas? (it's not that I'm lazy, I'm just not a big fan of q3 call)
(5/1/00 10:10:33 pm)
Re: Humane call schedules

Call schedules vary significantly for each institution and resident year. I would not bank on the FRIEDA info to
be too accurate. You may be every other night for several months on one rotation, then every sixth night on
another. I wouldn't look at call schedules when you are just in the stage of applying to programs. You can use
it later as a consideration when ranking programs.

If you are looking for a nice call schedule, apply to the University of Wisconsin. We took junior call every 8th
night and senior call every 4th night.
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(5/2/00 8:13:33 am)
Re: Humane schedules

I just finished interviewing, and for the most part orthopaedic call schedules are fairly reasonable across the
board. Most programs are at worst q4. Many are considerably better than that. As a general rule, programs
that do not take level 1 trauma call are much more humane than those that are a level one trauma center.
Many programs will send you to a separate hospital for trauma training for six months during your residency.
Thos six months are very difficult in terms of call, but the rest of your four orthopaedic years are very
reasonable. Programs that do this are Northwestern, Rush, U of Chicago, Mayo, Cleveland clinic, Johns
Hopkins, as well as many others.

I would agree with orthodoc, however. Don't use this info during the application process. Use it to rank
programs afterward. Also, FREIDA's information is pretty useless.

BTW, U of Wisconsin has a very good ortho program (at least that's what I've heard).
crazy joe davola
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(5/10/00 8:02:37 pm)
Wake Forest call schedule

A rumor I've heard about Wake is that call is almost literally Q3 for the majority of the five years there. This
differs slightly from the hours that Wake mentions in their literature (pgy2 = Q4, pgy4,5 = Q3). They claim that
the call is home call, even during the pgy2 year. Does anyone have any direct knowledge of Wake's call
situation and how it pans out in reality?

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