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TOPIC: Summer Research?

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(4/27/00 12:20:44 am)
Summer Research

I am deciding what to do for the summer between 1st and 2nd year. I would like to go into ortho but have
found a couple of projects I could get involved with in other areas that have caught my interest. I am at
school in the east but am particularly interested in a residency program out west. Assuming the projects are of
similar caliber in term of productivity and academic worth in the respective disciplines: Would it be beneficial to
get involved in a non-ortho project at the institution out west where I think I would like to go for residency?
Or is an ortho-related project going to serve me best no matter where it is?
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(4/27/00 6:50:46 pm)
Re: Summer Research

You are wise to get started on some research early. There is a discussion about this subject earlier on the
board which you should also read, but I'll also give you my take. First of all, I would suggest not going out
west to do research, but rather stay at your home school. The reson for this is that you will be able to work
on a project over a longer period of time; and therefore, can work on a more substantial project.

The next issue is what type of research would be best. I think (personal opinion) that residencies don't
necessarily look for ortho research in particular. They are more interested in the quality of the research,
especially if it gets published. In other words, a good "non-ortho" research project beats a bad ortho research
project. However, a good ortho project beats a good "non-ortho" project.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck!!

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