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TOPIC: Another "What are my chances" Post

Another "What are my chances" Post 1 year 1 month ago #36036

Hi all,

I am an incoming MS3 who just received their Step 1 score (241) - let's not beat around the bush, spare feelings, etc etc. I realize my score is subpar, but I wanted to ask the members of the community what to expect/if my chance of matching is realistic (and please don't link charting outcome results, the data is outdated). I am non traditional student (former political science major) and former Division 1 wrestler (which is apparently helpful??). I am extremely confident that I can do well this year, on Step 2, and on interviews/attaining LOR's/etc. My questions for you all is; how badly did I shoot myself in the foot with my 241? If I am "okay", what programs are realistic for me to match in/how many interview offers can I realistically expect? I genuinely appreciate any feedback, thank you.
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