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TOPIC: University of New Mexico

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(9/28/00 12:58:00 pm)
CO and NM programs

I am applying to programs in CO and NM. I have heard bad things about these programs. Does anyone
have any first hand knowledge?
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(10/8/00 7:31:58 pm)
NM program

I am from Georgetown and did an away rotation at New Mexico. It will probably be at the top of my
match list. All of the residents seem happy and they were great people to work with. The faculty all seem
interested in teaching and I scrubbed with second years who were the primary surgeons on many cases.
Internship is 3 mo ortho, 3 gen surg, 3 trauma, and 1 each of rehab radiology and rheum. Call is pretty
brutal, we were up all night each call night and you don't go home until about six the next day. They are
very heavy on trauma and some of the residents think that they don't get enough general ortho. They
only take four residents, and usually one from New Mexico.
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(10/10/00 9:27:49 pm)

I can back-up what has been stated about the New Mexico program. Call can be extremely tough there,
but the residents are happy. No pre-rounding means students, interns and residents alike do not have
to be in until 6:30 everyday (except of course when already there for call the night before) which is nice.
Its pretty good operative experience for the residents. There are plenty of opportunities for research,
but its not a focus of the program.

Nice to see you had a good time in NM Chuck (despite life with Donna).
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