2023-2024 Open Position for Joint Reconstruction Fellowship at Cedars-Sinai (LA)

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OPEN HIP AND KNEE ARTHROPLASTY FELLOWSHIP POSITION starting in August 2023.  The Cedars-Sinai Hip and Knee Fellowship has evolved to include a diverse surgical experience for fellows including a variety of surgical approaches and techniques.  Fellows will be able to obtain expertise in revision TJA, robotic total knees, anterior total hip arthroplasty, superior total hip arthroplasty and mini-posterior. Surgically, fellows are exposed to a high volume of primary THAs (Anterior approach, posterior approach, and superior approach ) and TKAs (50% robotics, 50% conventional).  Fellows also have a high exposure to  revision hip and knee arthroplasty.  The fellowship also includes a large number of complex primary joint reconstruction for skeletal dysplasias.The surgical schedule at Cedars-Sinai averages approximately 50-60 major procedures weekly. The emphasis of the fellowship is on revision hip and knee arthroplasty, which comprises about 40% of the clinical exposure. Fellows will receive hands-on training in the following areas: outpatient arthroplasty strategies, anterior approach to hip replacement, posterior and superior approach to hip replacement, gap balancing and measured resection in total knee arthroplasty, robotic total knee arthroplasty (approximately 50% of TKAs), management of significant bone defects, infected arthroplasty, skeletal dysplasias, periprosthetic fractures and post-oncological joint reconstructions.The fellow is responsible for preparing and leading a weekly arthroplasty conference as well as maintenance of the Cedars-Sinai arthroplasty registry. It is expected of the fellow to undertake at least one major clinical research project during the year for presentation at a national meeting and subsequent publication. The fellowship offers a vast opportunity for orthopaedic research including long-term clinical outcome and database studies, initiation of randomized trials, use of advanced imaging modalities for wear measurements and component positioning, biomechanical and retrieval studies, and hip and knee simulation studies.

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