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(5/25/00 11:52:30 am)

Does anyone have info on whether doing a fellowship actually increases yr earning potential? Im sure it
enhances hirability. Ive heard certain fellowships after just 1 year can greatly increase icome, whereas
others require you to practice as a generalist anyway just to feed yr family. Im thinking about spine or

Any practical info would be appreciated.
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(5/26/00 9:33:42 am)
Re: fellowship

For the most part, those people who do a fellowship and do not enter an academic career end up
practicing as generalists, with a special interest in a certain area.

However, from what I've been told, spine surgery is a liitle different. This is because the only surgeons
who operate on the spine are those who are fellowship trained (this is because of liability issues).
Therefore, those who enter a spine fellowship spend much of their career doing spine surgery. Currently,
they are in high demand, and make more money than other orthopods. Whether this trend will hold, I do
not know.
(5/26/00 10:09:47 pm)
Re: fellowship

Fellowship trained spine surgeons are not the only ones doing spine surgery. Most orthopods have good
training in basic spine surgery, such as decompressions, discectomies, and simple fusions. So, there are
many generalists who do simple spine and some who go to a few courses, etc... and do more complex
spine. However, the bigtime cases requiring extensive instrumentation is usually limited to fellowship
trained surgeons.

Spine surgery is definitely the top money maker in orthopedics now (their time will come). But don't use
income to guide your fellowship choices.

Currently, if you did a spine fellowship, you would have your pick of jobs across the country. Just
remember, with spine surgery comes chronic back patients!

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(5/29/00 11:36:10 am)
Plastic Surgery

Along with ENT's and general surgeons, orthopaedists are elegible for plastic surgery fellowships. What
kind of practice would a "ortho-plastic" surgeon have? limb reconstruction?
Thanks, Jose
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(5/31/00 9:40:24 am)
thanx 4 replies

Ortho administrator: I continue to hear the same thing anecdotally about spine. Is there any data to
back this up about income (I have never seen any). I have an interest regardless but its good info when
choosing btwn fields.

Bob: since u just matched, what the hell would you know about this! No offense but give me a break.

Plastics: I think there only a handful of PRS/ORS docs. They mostly practice PRS, not ORS from what Ive
seen. PRS is sometimes seen as an easy way out for an orthopod or neurosurgeon etc., though an
interesting field.
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(5/31/00 1:14:14 pm)
Re: thanx 4 replies

As I said before, and I'll say it again, much of the info I am posting is just being passed along based on
the interaction I've had with senior residents that i've become good friends with. They seem to know
what they are talking about. The only reason I post the info is that nobody else seems willing to. If there
is misinformation, please correct me. I do not pretend to know anything about the ortho world outside
of my interactions with various programs on the interview trail.

(5/31/00 5:20:48 pm)
Re: thanx 4 replies

As for jobs, once you're an orthopedic resident and obtain a number from the AAOS, you can search
through their database of jobs. It's a nice way to see what is needed across the country. A large
majority of the positions are for fellowship trained spine and foot/ankle surgeons. There is also an
abundance of jobs in small communities across the midwest. It's hard to recruit orthopods to small

As for the pay in spine, if you have access to university professor salaries, you will always see the top
spots going to the spine surgeons, followed by the sports medicine docs and hand surgeons. The peds
ortho docs are usually at the bottom, unless they do an abundance of spine.
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(10/30/00 12:04:08 pm)

For some solid facts on salaries on general orthopods compared with those that specialize, I would
recommend the 1998 income survey article listed in the Aug 2000 issue of the AAOS Bulletin. Also, for
more broad ranged statistical information, I find this link www.aaos.org/wordhtml/demo96/contents.htm to
be quite informational. Finally, I agree with the recommendation for utilizing the Placement Service at the
AAOS, because it provides you with the most current information of the Practice Opportunities and what
types of Ortho Surgeons are in demand.


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