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Sports Medicine Fellowship Questions

I am graduating from med school and will soon enter my ortho residency. I have always been interested
in Sports Medicine and was wondering what a fellowship would do for me professionally. During my
residency, I will do quite a bit of Sports, but I realize that this won't qualify me to be a Steadman,
Andrews, or Jobe. But, realistically, will a fellowship allow me to operate in a high profile setting (i.e.
professional athletes)? Also, do certain fellowship programs really improve your chance of a high end
Sports Career or does any fellowship suffice? Finally, what programs are considered the top Ortho
Sports Fellowships with regard to reputation, training, and competitiveness.

Thanks for your time and responses.


Re: Sports Medicine Fellowship Questions

In the sports world, a lot of it has to do with who you know. If you are looking at taking care of high end
players (i.e. professionsal, NCAA Div I, etc....), then I think a sports fellowship is probably going to be
needed. If you are really set on taking care of a pro team, then you should try to seek out a fellowship
that involves the care of a pro team. It's especially nice if you travel with the team and meet other team
physicians and make contacts. It is also helpful to get on the good side of the head trainer who may be a
valuable reference later.

However, one must be cautious in pursuing a sports fellowship, b/c some groups are hesitant to hire a
sports guy for fear of losing all of their well paying sports cases (ACLs, etc...). So keep that in the back
of your mind.

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Sports Fellowships

Does anybody know roughly how many residents applied for sports fellowships this past year, and how
many positions are actually available? I have heard that there are roughly 100 positions with ~130
applicants vying for those spots. I don't know how reliable those numbers are, however.

Any ideas? Sports is becoming more popular again, from what I have heard. "

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