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TOPIC: New orthopaedic technologies and modern casts

New orthopaedic technologies and modern casts 2 years 4 months ago #35709

Hello, I am a designer (and a medical applicant) and I am currently hoping to create an alternative to the archaic plaster cast. My research has lead me to newer orthopaedic techniques such as the use of ultrasonic waves to decrease the bone healing time for fractures. My knowledge of the manufacturing techniques as well as the complexities of the fracture stabilisation, as put me on a path of inclusive design with personalised fit, but without causing as much discomfort and waste as traditional plaster casts. I am here to ask anyone who is currently studying this field or who has it as their specialty to answer some questions or simply give a few minutes of their time to offer me some advice about this project.

1) Do you think that this use of ultrasound and other technologies such as EMS to reduce muscle atrophy in longer lasting cases is viable to be included in a casting technique?
2) A lot of patients complain of itching and irritation with old fashioned casts and the idea of using knitting needles for itches is now infamous, in a modern cast (besides increasing ventilation) how would you prevent/reduce this?
3) In some cases (usually in compound fractures and sites of infection) immense swelling and inflammation can occur which can be extremely damaging to the patient if their limb is trapped within a cast, how would this be prevented or accounted for in a modern cast?

Thank you for your time and I will be thankful for any advice you can give.
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