Precision LBx Summit

Precision LBx Summit is bringing together leaders from biopharma, academia and Dx developers to build the annual platform that dictates the direction and rhetoric of the evolving liquid biopsy story.

Touted as the "holy grail" of diagnostics, liquid biopsy promises real time longitudinal patient monitoring and cost effective diagnostic screening. However, still in its infancy, the field is grappling with proving and advancing the clinical utility of liquid biopsies.

Coinciding with the first FDA approval of a clinical liquid biopsy test, the inaugural Precision LBx Summit will help large biopharma, research laboratories and diagnostic organizations capitalize on this potential. Bringing together leaders from academia, biopharma and Dx developers to build the cross-industry collaborative platform that will dictate the direction and rhetoric of the evolving liquid biopsy story.

Blood-based liquid biopsies have laid the roadmap thus far through validated biomarker discoveries, such as CTCs and ctDNA, and emerging biomarkers, such as exosomes and miRNA. Further growth in the field continues through non blood-based liquid biopsies, such as spinal fluid and urine, proving that the market potential of liquid biopsies is vast and far-reaching outside of oncology.

Precision LBx Summit is dedicated to showcasing the tangible clinical applications of LBx and realizing the big picture scope in the potential of fluid based biomarker diagnostics.

Attend this summit to:

- Understand the limitations and potential of a multitude of biomarkers and biofluids for use as clinical indicators
- Define your roadmap for successfully developing and implementing clinically useful liquid biopsy diagnostics
- Join an exclusive community of industry experts championing the utilization of non-invasive diagnostics

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Conference Only (Industry): USD 2699
Conference + 1 Workshop (Industry): USD 3198
Workshop Only (Industry): USD 699


Speakers: Stefan Scherer (Vice President, Global Head Correlative Science, Novartis), Pallavi Sachdev (Associate Director, Oncology Biomarker Research, Clinical Development, Eisai), Kenneth Thress (Director, Oncology Translational Science, Astrazeneca), Thomas Schlange (Senior Biomarker Scientist, Bayer and EFPIA Coordinator, IMI Cancer-ID), Jean-Francois Martini (Senior Director, Translational Oncology, EDTO group, Pfizer), George Vasmatzis (Co-Director Biomarker Discovery Program, Center for Individualized Medicine, Mayo Clinic), Samir Hanash (Director, Red and Charline McCombs Institute for the Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)


Conferences / Science, Health and Medicine / Diagnostics

Date and time: on Monday January 30, 2017 at 8:00 am (ends Wednesday February 01, 2017 at 6:00 pm)

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