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I was kicked by a horse and ended up with a long horizontal meniscus tear. After about half a year, I was finally sent to an orthopedic surgeon that ended up severely hurting me during the consultation. Now I believe I also have a vertical tear, but I'm not certain what I'm seeing on the MRI. I'm not sure what has caused so much pain since seeing him, but I know roughly what he did, and I know he put me in more pain that I've ever been in.

Here are some relevant images: MRI Before/After Ortho doctor
some original MRI images

Can anyone here look over my MRI before and after seeing the orthopedic doctor and take a guess at what hurts so dang much? I'm happy to link all the data to you.

Further, I am happy to explain what the doctor did to me if you'd like to help me understand what in the world the idiot was thinking. I think it was intentional, but maybe it has some purpose other than totally putting me in bed for months. It seemed intentional when he was doing it. I felt it when he did it, but I didn't realize how much pain I was in store for. It just kept getting worse until I couldn't walk at all and went crazy in bed. I could have died.

Another question I have is: What procedure do you think should be done? I am hoping for repair instead of partial removal.

5 years ago
This is how I described what he did to me in my insurance complaint:

"He went to test/examine my leg. He told me to lay back on his table but he did not tell me what he was going to do. Most of the things he did to test my leg to start with were to test my ligaments, which I had done by my PT and my doctor, but this was just going through the motions more than anything else. I recall he told me to relax my leg. He applied pressure on the medial side of my knee outwards, while pushing and twisting my foot/ankle in the other direction. While doing this, he bent my leg up and down at the knee joint, while pushing my tibia into my meniscus – sometimes with circular motions. I recall smiling like it was amusing, thinking that he was trying to hurt me, but not fully comprehending why. I think it reminded me of wrestling. I could tell it was aggressive. I felt something scratching on the inside of my knee joint, not really getting what it was. He torqued my leg around to the extreme edges of my flexibility. At some point he stopped, went to the other side of the room, and handed me a pamphlet on the procedure he wanted to do to me. "
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