Sunday, 28 September 2008
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I had a lumbar laminectomy in Jan 2008. I had both arthritis in my back and two herniated disks. I was having numbness in my left leg before surgery. after the surgery, I felt wonderful and resumed normal life - actually more than I could do before the surgery. Now, I am starting to have back pain agin in my lower back. I am 37 and went through PT, the epidural shots and other therapy prior to the surgery. NO one wanted to operate due to my age but nothing else worked. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the pain and wondering what it is. I feel really frustrated with doctors ( to a point) since they all just want to give me pain pills but don't want to fix the problem. the pain I have now is bad and inm my lower back around my scar and also again have numbness down my right leg. I did nothing to start this. Just woke up the other morning and it started. I wonder if my herniated disks could have herniated more and are pushing on my nerves?
13 years ago
Dear Melba,
I have been doing much research regarding surgery for back problems such as yours. I am scheduled to see a surgeon for consult and assessment on Oct.29th/08. I do not want to have surgery after much of the research I have found but I have to at least listen to what the surgeon proposes if anything.
I have two problems in my spine one and old fracture which has narrowed the disc almost to the bone and some spinal stenosis due to adjacent segment degenerative damage.

I have read much research on surgery choices such as Charite artificial disc, spinal fusion, \"Bagby\"and the Kuslich (BAK) cage; and also lumbar diskectomy and IDET which has a very dismal track record.
I also read interestingly enough that the scar tissue which develops post surgery can cause much pain and put pressure on the nerve.
This could be what you are experiencing since many patients claimed their pain wasn't as bad post surgery but returned some months later. Sadly, it does not go away, scar tissue is huge problem for many patients post surgery. I only wish doctors would tell you these things before you commit to surgery.

I also read in \"Spine Journal\" published paper and I quote, \"There is no evidence that disc replacement surgery reliably, reproducibly and over longer periods of time fulfills the three primary aims of clinical efficacy continued motion and few adjacent segment degenerative problems.\"

I hope I was of some help to you,
I understand how difficult it is to live with constant pain,
Good luck to you.
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