Arthritis affects approximately 50 million adults in the United States (US), making it one of the most common causes of disability in this county. In addition, is associated with significant physical activity limitations, increased prevalence of obesity, decreased health related quality of life, and increased health care costs. Hispanics are affected by arthritis at a slightly lower age-adjusted rate compared to non-Hispanic whites and African Americans. However, compared to other groups, Hispanics have a higher prevalence of arthritis-attributed activity limitations (primarily related to OA), are less likely to receive hip replacement independent of health care access, and are less likely to receive knee replacement. In addition, there have been very few interventions to improve either medical or behavioral aspects of OA treatment recommendations among the Hispanic population. The study will developed and test a culturally appropriate Spanish educational materials and telephone scripts for the patient- and provider-based interventions and will test the patient and provider intervention in a group of Adult Hispanics with OA.

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