TissueGene-C is a biological new drug which consists of normal chondrocyte cells and transduced chondrocyte cells that express growth factor to modify OA symptom for long term period.

During the Phase 3 clinical trial , we will compare TisssueGene-C to placebo in 52 weeks trial with 156 outpatients who have osteoarthritis. The outpatients are randomized to TisssueGene-C or placebo in 1:1 ratio, and they will be monitored and recorded in terms of alleviating symptoms, sports activities, function of the knee, and the presence of adverse events.

Read more: http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02072070?cond=%22Arthritis%22&lup_s=01/29/2014&lup_d=30