Context effect have been shown to be influential in health-care settings, such as hospitals. This study investigates if context effects can be caused by the physical surroundings of exercise.

The study is designed as a double-blind randomized controlled clinical trial. Patients with knee and/or hip pain with a duration of a least 3 months are included in the trial and randomly assigned to 3 groups.

  1. Exercise in pre-existing, standard room
  2. Exercise in contextually enhanced room.
  3. Waiting list.

The intervention consists markedly different between the two exercise rooms. The physical surroundings are described by factors such as acoustics, light source and intensity, decorations and air quality.

The exercise program applied is based on a previously investigated neuromuscular exercise program, NEMEX. The same program is performed in both exercise rooms. Consequently, only the physical surroundings differ between intervention groups.

Patients' "global perceived effect" is used as the primary outcome assessed at 8 weeks follow-up.

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