Car Accidents Decline as Coronavirus Continues

Car Accidents Decline as Covid-19 Continues 

As the United States remains quarantined in isolation, many people are off the roads resulting in one of the biggest dips in modern times for car accidents. Hot spots for accidents in places like LA and NYC, are seeing record lows and are directly impacting chiropractors, physical therapists, and personal injury doctors. 

The Good and Bad of Car Accident Injuries 

It would seem good that accidents are dwindling and that people are sustaining fewer injuries, but economists believe this a tell-tale sign of a failing economy. This is also directly affecting clinics across the nation. 

As doctors begin to observe and understand the financial impact of the Coronavirus, the worst is yet to come. Already have there been declines in states with typically high crash statistics. And many believe this trend will continue for a couple more months depending on when the nation is opened and people begin to return to work. Chiropractors and Orthopedic Specialists are just understanding what this means for their practice. 

Previous Years Statistics

To give a better idea of what these record lows are, check out the reported collisions happening in San Francisco at the moment. In the month of April, there was only a little more than 100 accidents reported in a week span, a low that hasn't been heard of in almost 20 years. 

In light of this, many industries (those outside the health sector) are having to respond in unusual ways. Insurance companies are refunding millions to consumers. Lawyers are struggling to find work in the car crash space. It is truly an uncertain time as well for Orthopedic Practices. 

Other Effects of Covid-19

While car crashes are diminishing, what seems to not be diminishing is the severity of those that do find themselves in car crashes during the quarantine. There is a small demographic that has used free highways and open roads to govern their response in the midst of the coronavirus. Some are finding that they're speeding more often and driving less careful with no traffic and fewer cops on the streets. 

This has caused an upstir in the personal injury space, mostly for the good of orthopedic clinics across the US. Some clinics are finding that while there's a decline in overall car accidents, there are more car accident patients choosing to seek treatment at their clinic! And this makes sense. 

If someone is unfortunate to get into an accident during Covid-19, they are less inclined to go to a hospital. Hospitals continue to struggle to admit patients, causing non-coronavirus patients to seek treatments elsewhere. If you or someone who you have gotten into an accident during this time, we recommend these steps for what to do. Going to accident clinics and urgent care clinics will help injured patients and doctors who are not equipped to help coronavirus patients. 

Conclusion for Orthopedics

Perhaps no one knows what the next 6 months will hold as the world tries to contain the coronavirus and its rage. The medical and nursing field has never been needed more, so some are finding this good for business, even though no one wants anyone to suffer or lose their life to this virus. 

For chiropractors and physical therapists that must social distance and pause their practices, these are uncertain times. If you're lucky to work with an accident clinic, your job may be secured. But that doesn't help the majority of independent, one-man-show specialists across the country. All we know for sure is that the coronavirus is affecting the lives of every American, including the orthopedic industry. Only time will show what the next steps are and how to recover from this virus. 



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