Some time ago we put together a grant proposal involving multimedia and healthcare. Our goal was to shop the proposal around to private foundations for funding. We planned to test the concept that information - or intellectual property - assets were being created everyday in the hospital environment. These assets, if captured and made persistent, could then be distributed and made available in the region for multiple uses - education, marketing, etc.

The bottom line is that the value of these intellectual property assets is currently being lost to the institution because there is no mechanism in place to capture, package and distribute this intellectual property.

Newsflash! The Internet changed all that long ago … The REAL BIG news for health care organizations is that the penetration of broadband combined with the ease and low cost of creating video-based content has made it possible for every hospital to have its own “on-demand” TV station. Anyway, you get the idea. Here’s the proposal for anyone wishing to pursue a similar project in your institution.



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