Total Knee Replacement Simulation

Patient-Specific Planning for Surgery

360 Knee Systems specialize in delivering innovative technological solutions for total knee replacement surgery. They work with orthopedic surgeons to provide dynamic, functional, and patient-specific planning and simulation solutions. With Simpleware software, 360 Knee Systems have developed patient-specific preoperative plans that rely on creating accurate representations of patient bone geometry to solve challenges inherent to total knee replacements.

Generating 3D Models

CT scans of the hip, legs and ankle bones of patients are obtained by 360 Knee Systems, and imported to Simpleware ScanIP to generate 3D models capturing different details of the anatomy to a high level of quality and detail. 360 Knee Systems also use the Simpleware CAD module to carry out basic CAD manipulation for positioning implants within the patient geometries. The accuracy of the models ensures that realistic simulations can be carried out.


360 Knee Systems worked with Simpleware’s services team to write scripts to more easily perform repeatable operations such as optimizing the segmentation process and landmarking the scanned bones. Precise landmarking is crucial to the analysis of the geometry, as the results are used to create axes and references within the simulation. The scripts reduce the amount of manual work required for this task.

Creating Plans and Guides

The 3D models generated in Simpleware ScanIP are used to create patient-specific guides for surgeons. Each guide is tailored to the specific bone geometry of a patient, and is designed to help make appropriate cuts for surgery. 360 Knee Systems use these models to provide preoperative plans of the optimal placement of knee implants and the patient’s bone geometry that surgeons can familiarize themselves with prior to surgery. 3D printed guides are also created that demonstrate accurate cutting positions for the patella, femur, and tibia components of the implant.

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