The article helps to introduce overall total hip replacement procedure & its major types. Hip replacement surgery treatment with best surgeon who have the expertise and excellence in fixing the hip issues with top quality healthcare services.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery Overview

Total Hip Replacement Surgery has become the most common procedure for alleviating pain and debilitation which is caused by fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, dislocations, comgenital deformities, osteoarthritis and other hip related problems. The immediate benefits of this operation are great since in most uncomplicated cases, post four months, the patient will relatively pain-free, has full mobility of the hip and can walk with a minimal or no limp.

A Total Hip Replacement Surgery is only recommended to those candidates who experience decreased mobility, severe pain or deformity of the hip joints and other treatments both medical and conservative such as physiotherapy have failed. If you have had hip injry, bone loss due to avascular necrosis or bone tumor or battling from arthritis rheumatoid then your hip replacement surgeon will counsel to get substitute of the hip joint.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery And Its Major Types

There are two main types of hip replacement surgery: total hip replacement and metal on metal hip resurfacing.

A total hip replacement is part of the thigh bone including the ball which is removed and a new smaller artificial ball will be fixed into the rest of thigh bone. The surface of the existing socket in the pelvis is roughened for accepting new socket component which will join up with the new ball component. Many artificial joint components are fixed into the bone using acrylic cement. It is becoming more common especially in younger, more active patients for one or both parts to be inserted without cement.

The replacement parts can be plastic, ceramic or metal and used in different combinations as :

  1. Ceramic-on-plastic or ceramic-on-ceramic used in younger and more active patients
  2. Metal-on-plastic is the most widely used combination
  3. Metal-on-metal is very occasionally used in younger and more active patients

Metal-on-Metal hip resurfacing

Resurfacing the original socket and the ball of the thigh bone is a different form of the hip replacement. An artificial ball, a hollow metal cap is fitted over the head of the thigh bone instead of removing the head of the thigh bone. The socket part of the joint is resurfaced with a metal component.

Patients undergoing this type of operation have low risk of dislocation and may be able to return to a higher level of physical activity compared to those having a conventional hip replacement. This type of hip surgery is linked with a release of metal particles from the joint replacement materials that cause local inflammatory reactions and have unknown effects on the general health. The complication rates are higher than the conventional hip replacements. Also this surgery has higher complications in older patients and women. This is not suitable for patients with low bone density or those with osteoporosis having weakened bones.

Benefits of Total Hip Replacement Surgery :

The benefits of the Total Hip Replacement Surgery have a many benefits including the cost effective treatment for patients suffering with osteoarthritis, restore the lost mobility, reduces the hip pain. It is a reliable surgery which has high rate of patient satisfaction and improves the overall quality of life. Certain significant benefits of the Total Hip Replacement Surgery are increased movement and mobility, reduced pain, equalization of leg length, correction of the deformity all of which will lead to improved quality of life thereby able you to return to the normal activities which will help you to sleep without pain.

Choosing the low cost Total Hip Replacement Surgery and the major types will help the patients to get relief from the pain safely and at the most affordable costs. However, the cost of the Total Hip Replacement Surgery will vary as per the type of implant, services, surgeons, city you chose to get this surgery.

A Total Hip Replacement Surgery will help the patient in the orthopedic related treatments. We offer the best medical treatment package for the international patients seeking the affordable cost and safe Total Hip Replacement Surgery as well as the best physiotherapy services along with post discharge recuperative holidays. 

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